Dr. Cecilia BRUNETTI

Instituce Univeristy of Florence
Adresa University of Florence
University of Florence, Department of Agri-Food and Environmental Science (DiSPAA)
Viale delle Idee 30, 50019 Florence
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Popis I am a PhD student in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Florence.
My field of research is the study of plant responses to abiotic stresses, particularly the biochemical and physiological adjustments of plants under drought stress.
Main Areas of Interest:
• plant secondary metabolites (terpenoids, flavonoids and carotenoids) via HPLC-DAD and  GC-MS
• plant hormones via HPLC-MS-MS
• carbohydrates and osmotic adjustment in plants
• photosyntesis, stomatal conductance and chlorophyll fluorescence
List of Publications:
 - “Stress-induced flavonoid biosynthesis and the antioxidant machinery of plants” - Alessio Fini, Cecilia Brunetti, Martina Di Ferdinando, Francesco Ferrini, Massimiliano Tattini -  Plant Signaling & Behavior  (2011) 6:5, 709-711.
- “Drought stress has contrasting effects on antioxidant enzymes activity and phenylpropanoid biosynthesis in Fraxinus ornus leaves: An excess light stress affair? “ Alessio Fini , Lucia Guidi, Francesco Ferrini , Cecilia Brunetti, Martina Di Ferdinando, Stefano Biricolti , Susanna Pollastri , Luca Calamai, Massimiliano Tattini – Journal of Plant Physiology  - (2012) 169 :  929-939.
 - “Photosynthetic limitations and volatile and non-volatile isoprenoids in the poikilochlorophyllous resurrection plant Xerophyta humilis during dehydration and rehydration” – Megan Beckett, Francesco Loreto, Violeta Velikova, Cecilia Brunetti, Martina Di Ferdinando, Massimiliano Tattini, Carlo Calfapietra, Jill M. Farrant – Plant, Cell & Environment – (2012) 35 : 20161-74.
 - “Flavonoids as Antioxidants and Developmental Regulators: Relative Significance in Plants and Humans” - Cecilia Brunetti, Martina Di Ferdinando, Alessio Fini, Susanna Pollastri , Massimiliano Tattini – International Journal of Molecular Sciences -
(2013) 14: 3540-3555.
 - “Functional roles of flavonoids in photoprotection: New evidence, lessons from the
past” - Giovanni Agati, Cecilia Brunetti, Martina Di Ferdinando, Francesco Ferrini, Susanna Pollastri, Massimiliano Tattini – Plant Physiology and Biochemistry -
(2013) 72: 35-45.
 - “Acclimation to partial shading or full sunlight determines the performance of container-grown Fraxinus ornus to subsequent drought stress“ – Alessio Fini, Francesco Ferrini, Martina Di Ferdinando, Cecilia Brunetti, Cristiana Giordano, Francesca Gerini, Massimiliano Tattini - Urban Forestry & Urban Greening - (2013) 13 : 63-70.
 - “Metabolomics in plant environmental physiology” - Cecilia Brunetti, Rachel M. George, Massimiliano Tattini, Katie Field, Matthew P. Davey – Journal of Experimental Botany - (2013) 64 (13): 4011-4020.
 - "Photosynthetic performance and biochemical adjustments in two co-occurring Mediterranean evergreens, Quercus ilex and Arbutus unedo, differing in salt-exclusion ability" -  Lina Fusaro, Simone Mereu, Cecilia Brunetti, Martina Di Ferdinando, Francesco Ferrini, Fausto Manes, Elisabetta Salvatori,Riccardo Marzuoli, Giacomo Gerosa, Massimiliano Tattini – Functional Plant Biology - (2013) – 41: 391-400.
 - "Multiple functions of polyphenols in plants inhabiting unfavorable Mediterranean areas"- Martina Di Ferdinando, Cecilia Brunetti, Giovanni Agati, G., Massimiliano Tattini, M. - (2013) - Environmental and Experimental Botany
doi: 10.1016/j.envexpbot.2013.09.012.
 - "Isoprene production in transgenic tobacco alters isoprenoid, non‐structural carbohydrate and phenylpropanoid metabolism, and protects photosynthesis from drought stress" -  Massimilino Tattini, Violeta Velikova, Claudia Vickers, Cecilia Brunetti, Martina Di Ferdinando, Alice Trivellini, Silvia Fineschi, Giovanni Agati, Francesco Ferrini, Francesco Loreto -  Plant, Cell & Environment - (2014) doi :10.1111/pce.12350
 - "Epidermal coumaroyl anthocyanins protect sweet basil against excess light stress: multiple consequences of light attenuation”. Tattini M., Landi M., Brunetti C., Giordano C., Remorini D., Gould K. S., Guidi, L. -  Physiologia plantarum - (2014) doi: 10.1111/ppl.12201
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