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Ostravská univerzita v Ostravě

Adresa Faculty of Science, Department of Physics, Chittussiho 10, 710 00 Slezská Ostrava
Kontaktní web www.osu.cz
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Kontaktní telefon/fax Telefon: +420597092151; +420597092156, Fax: +420597092152
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  • Fytochemie a fytofyziologie
The University of Ostrava (www.osu.cz) was established on 28 September 1991. The University provides higher education at its Faculties of Philosophy, Education, Science and its Medical-Social Faculty, as well as at its Institute for Artistic Studies. The degree programmes offered by the University include a wide range of Bachelor’s, Master’s, follow-up Master’s and doctoral degrees.
The Department of Physics on Faculty of Science provides tuition of physical, biophysical, and physical-chemical courses, didactics of physics, preparatory and higher applied mathematics, computer bases.
The Department provides the following Bachelor programmes: Experimental Biology, Physics, Biophysics, Computer Modelling in Physics, Measuring and Computer Presentation of Data. It also provides the two-year follow-up Master’s programmes: Biophysics, Teaching Physics for Secondary Schools, Teaching Physics for Elementary Schools. The Department offers a doctoral programmes in Biophysics and Theory of Education in Physics.
The Department organizes the above-mentioned research in cooperation with major universities and scientific institutions in France, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Germany, Slovenia, and Slovakia.
The Department runs several specialized, well-equipped educational and research laboratories.
Pozice na mapě
Mgr. Martin NAVRÁTIL, Ph.D.
junior researcher

Research fields: biophysics of photosynthesis, optical properties of biological systems, spectroradiometry, absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy
Mgr. Jakub NEZVAL
PhD. student

Education ·         BSc.: University of Ostrava, Faculty of Science, Biophysics (2004 - 2007) o   Bachelor thesis: The modification of analytical methods of photosynthetic pigments and other substances from assimilatory apparatus extracts ·       ...
Doc. RNDr. Vladimír ŠPUNDA, CSc.

Research profile: - chlorophyll a fluorescence, optical spectroscopy of assimilatory apparatus, biophysics and biochemistry of photosynthesis, - biophysical plant ecophysiology, photo-oxidative damage and photoprotective processes, photosynthesi...
Mgr. Michal ŠTROCH, Ph.D.
Assistant professor

Education: BSc.: University of Ostrava, Faculty of Science, Biophysics (1992-1995) MSc.: Palacký University in Olomouc, Faculty of Science, Biophysics (1995-1997), Diploma thesis: Detection of delayed fluorescence of chlorophyll a in microsecond a...
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